You are not called a keyboard warrior for no reason; you were born to fight and win.

Losing a debate with a Facebook stranger in the comment section is arguably the worst thing to happen to anyone right now. Some would say it’s testing positive for COVID-19, but a virus cannot touch you if you’re inside your home most of the time, having a virtual fistfight with someone a hundred miles away from you.

A stranger’s opinion, however, that has succeeded in making you consider the possibility that you’re wrong, can do so much damage you won’t be able to repair yourself. That is why important– take note of this– it’s important that you keep your head cool all the time. The facts can screw themselves, but a warrior like you cannot lose. And one surefire sign of losing is when you’re starting to feel your heart pounding, your fingers shaking as you type the next reply, and your cheeks heating up.


If you find yourself in that situation, take a step back, and follow these tips to regain your strength and composure, because a true warrior does not let their feelings get the better of them. Most people commit the mistake of continuing to argue out of fear that they might be accused of admitting defeat because they failed to respond in three minutes. But don’t fall into that trap. Time is gold, but an opportunity to assert intellectual dominance is a fucking massive piece of diamond. So listen to us.

Drink a glass of water.

One of the evidence-based benefits of drinking water is that it improves physical and mental performance. Dude, even the NBA king LeBron James needs a water break every now and then, and look where he is right now– inside his multimillion-dollar mansion. Hydrate the fuck up or risk embarrassing yourself in the comments.

Drink water again.

Another science-based reason why water is important is that it regulates your body temperature. When the argument is too intense, chances are, the heat is also leaking from your phone to your body, and that’s not a good sign. Drop your iPhone and get back to the kitchen for some refreshing, H2O-filled experience.

Get a hobby.

Have you considered that there could be other things in life more valuable than proving how right you are to people you’ve never met in real life? Just our two cents, though.

The 9119 Breathing Technique

Suck in the air through your nose for exactly nine seconds, and then exhale it through your mouth for one second. Inhale it back in for another second, and push it out of your lungs for nine seconds. Do this cycle repeatedly. It’s one of the hardest and most complicated breathing techniques today, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll have another effective way of dealing with the debilitating stress brought by people who disagree with you online.

Talk to your family.

Who can better understand you than the people who have known you since birth? While opening up to them about your struggles can be challenging, it’s a good step toward healing. You don’t necessarily need to be specific about what you were arguing about with that guy from Indonesia, but the mere act of starting a conversation with them can get you out of your downward spiral and potentially refresh your brain. 

How do you win an online argument?

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