The Heard-Depp fiasco is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, recent events involving the actors have urged more than a million fans to finally get involved.

A petition to remove Amber Heard from her role in Aquaman 2, which was launched on years ago, has now been signed by over 1.1 million people. This dramatic increase in signatures came right after Johnny Depp was asked to resign from his role as Grindelwald on the Fantastic Beast franchise.

In case Hollywood decides to heed the call of the people, of course, they will have to find someone to replace the actress as the redheaded underwater queen in the upcoming Warner Bros. film. And who better take her role than actual gingers who don’t have to pretend to be one, like Amber Heard who not only fakes her red hair but also an entire shitshow that ruined Johnny Depp’s career.

Here are 5 best gingers we’ve found across the internet who’ll make for the perfect Mera.

Ooh! This is definitely a case of love at first sight. Just by looking at this smooth-looking, freshly harvested root crop, we can already picture some bubbly chemistry with Jason Momoa. We can also smell the tantalizing aroma of newly cooked chicken tinola.

Yummy! Amber Heard, as we know it, needed to wear a wig just to show the world that she’s a ginger. Well, feast your eyes upon these authentic little fellas, who don’t need any artificiality just to prove that, well, they’re ginger.

Goodness! What a cure for sore eyes! (And sore throat!) Words cannot express how perfect this bunch of goodies are as Aquaman’s potential love interest. There’s gonna be less hassle for the makeup team, because these gingers are not faking it like Amber Heard.

The feisty Xebellian princess cannot be better represented by these unpeeled friends. Obviously fresh from the farm, they will surely offer a new flavor to the upcoming superhero film once it hits the big screen– unlike Amber Heard, who reeks of pretense.

No Amber Heard in sight. Just a handful of gingers on a chopping board, waiting for the knife to unveil their juicy, spicy flesh. Any of them will, no doubt, pull off the character of Aquaman’s wife– even better than the abusive ex-wife of Johnny Depp. 

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Who’s your best bet as Amber Heard’s replacement in case she gets kicked out of Aquaman?

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