Ever wondered what’s it’s like to be in Pope Francis’ shoes? I’m guessing no, you haven’t.

Even so, here’s a piece of news you’ll certainly deem interesting whether you once dreamed of ruling over an entire worldwide religion or you’re a person of lame ambitions: you can now live the papal life in the video game ‘Pope Simulator.’

A political-strategy game, one of the game’s key mechanics is building strategies in how to solve various social and political issues plaguing countries from around the globe. Using your influence, you’ll be fighting for world peace.

Although a proper launch date hasn’t been revealed yet, Pope Simulator is reported to be in its initial stages of development at Ultimate Games S.A., a Warsaw-based company known for fishing, hunting, and lobby simulation video games. Here’s their official pitch for the game on their website:

Realistic simulator of the Pope – face the problems of the modern world from the point of view of the head of the Church. Make decisions that will weigh on the fate of humanity, convert and support the crowds. Plan the church’s strategic actions through faithful envoys. Manage your travels around the globe. Fight for peace.

The official teaser trailer by the publisher suggests that the game will be told from a first-person perspective. In other words, you’ll virtually experience first-hand how the chief pastor of the Catholic Church picks up his robe, gaze down and wave at thousands of supporters from the balcony of the Papal Palace, and bless someone you meet on your way as you tour around the world. It’s the game we never knew we needed.

Check out Pope Simulator’s trailer below!


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