As it turns out, our favorite local streamers don’t only show up on our social media feed to entertain us with quality gaming content. They also come to the rescue in times of need.

Rolly, Siony, and Ulysses all did their fair share of destruction across the lands of Luzon and Visayas. In a span of three weeks, these series of calamities raged through the country, carrying destructive winds and heavy rains that took lives and left thousands of our countrymen in harrowing situations. Most recently, Central Luzon, particularly the provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, and Tuguegarao experienced the devastating onslaught of the Ulysses disaster that submerged these areas in what is arguably the worst flood in recent history.

As expected, the spirit of Filipino bayanihan came into play. Filipino netizens used social media to spread awareness on the happenings in the affected areas and amplify the calls for help coming from locals who got trapped on their roofs as floodwaters rose up to alarming levels. Non-government organizations launched donation drives for families and communities heavily affected by the typhoons. Famous personalities– celebrities and influencers– used their platform to kickstart their own donation efforts. And even our favorite local streamers, whether big or small, didn’t pass up the opportunity to help the ones in need.

Pinoy streamer Elyson Caranza, more popularly recognized as the potty-mouthed trash-talker Ghost Wrecker, was one of the first streamers to have reached out to the calamity victims. As the affected areas started making headlines, Wrecker tapped into the generous hearts of his over 3 million followers to gather funds for rescue and relief efforts led by him and his partner, QueenWrecker Gaming. In less than a day, their team was reported to have gathered over 160,000PHP, allowing them to make more than 3,000 relief packages.


According to the streamer’s latest update, which he’s been regularly posting for transparency, they’ve already spent over 1M PHP, 700k of which went to food and daily essentials while the rest went to medical supplies and expenses needed by the team to transport the goods to the provinces.

ChooxTv also launched his so-called ‘Star for a Cause,’ a donation drive aimed at gathering funds via his live streams. For the unversed, a Star is a Facebook Gaming feature that allows streamers to monetize their streams. Basically, viewers can buy Stars and send them to the stream they’re watching. For every Star, Facebook will pay the creator an amount of $0.01 USD. Today, November 18, marks the sixth day of Choox’s fundraiser.

For transparency purposes, he also makes sure to include in his stream the exact amount he’s gathered within a day. On the first day of ‘Star for a Cause,’ the Filipino streamer notorious for his Layla-tank gaming received a total of 108,257 PHP.


Speaking of cause-driven streaming, Biancake, another renowned talent from One Tier Entertainment, rolled out a fundraising drive with the help of her fan group Biancake Universe. It started out as an initiative from the admins and fans in the group, which the gamer-girl-next-door noticed and relayed to her millions of followers. As of November 14, the drive has raised over 76,000 PHP.


Nanay Gaming, a middle-aged Filipino mother who found a hobby in Mobile Legends, set in motion a ‘Stream for a Cause’ that ran for five days. Frhea Jaimil, a rising local streamer, spearheaded a campaign called #FREALP in partnership with Toenic Philippines, Game Over PH, and other brands and streamers. In the first 35.5 hours, her online movement has gathered 107,329PHP, and the first batch of relief goods has already been sent over to typhoon victims in Marikina.

Of course, while we’re more than grateful to these kind-hearted souls for stepping up their game to be of help, we shouldn’t forget that their initiatives wouldn’t have been successful without their fans who poured in donations– whether they be cash, food, and other forms of aid. As Wrecker puts it, they only served as a bridge where Filipinos from all parts of the world could get together for the benefit of our struggling brothers and sisters.

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Any other donation drives from local streamers?

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