Hit party game Among Us launches an update, which includes bug fixes, modifications of pre-existing features, and a bunch of new and exciting things.

Innersloth has released an update on the murder-mystery game along with official patch notes. In the latest blog post on the developers’ official website, they talk about the list of changes and additions players can expect moving forward.

Innersloth starts off addressing the hacking issues that have been plaguing the players. “Firstly, we want to be sure to talk about the cheating and hacking going on. It was pretty bad there for a bit, so Forte pushed out server changes really fast,” says the devs. They explain that while the server changes have greatly helped their cause, there are cheats that still manage to work inside the game. Plus, new bugs have come to the surface.

“There will be more server updates to fix all of this, but rushing anti-hacks is what caused the bugs, so cleaning things up is a slower process,” Innersloth explains. They also assure players that “any threats made in the game are false,” so they don’t have to worry about their security.

Regarding the patch notes, the devs are introducing the option for anonymous voting, task bar modes, and meeting screen cosmetics. Below is the full list of new features to be added to the game, as written in Innersloth’s post.

– Added Anonymous Voting option

        All votes appear as grey

– Added Task Bar Modes

       Always mode works like normal

      Meeting mode only updates the bar during meetings

      Invisible mode removes the task bar entirely

– MIRA: Comms sabotage clears the security logs

-Added symbols to fix wires task

-Added cosmetics to meeting screen

-Various bug fixes

Some plans for the future

Innersloth reiterates on their word that they have a lot of big plans for the future of Among Us. They mention adding in-game accounts by December to finally enable players to report toxic players and hackers, as well as a new map inspired by Henry Stickmin. They’re also aiming for an expansion on the translations, and the colorblind support which this patch already contains.

The developers admit that they’re going through some rough patches right now, and whatever they’re offering is not the entirety of their vision for the game. They add they have much more in store for everyone but don’t say them out loud out of fear of not being able to provide it all in the end. Well, take it easy, devs. We, your crewmates, are just happy to be on this ship with you. We won’t be going anywhere.

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