For those who weren’t able to watch the premiere, the widely popular Dota 2 documentary True Sight is finallly available online on Dota 2’s official YouTube channel! Check it out now to relive the epic moments and behind the scenes of Team Liquid and OG in The International 2019.


Aside from following both teams and their journey fighting for the Aegis in TI9 Grand Finals, True Sight shows beyond what fans see during the tournaments. And that is the intense moments inside the booths, struggles in drafting, and of course, never-been-seen footages when OG took the championship from Liquid.

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OG and Liquid return on True Sight

Making an appearance in the said documentary are TI8 and TI9 title holders, OG, and TI9 1st Runner Up, Team Liquid (now known as Nigma). ‘True Sight’ will follow the story of these two teams and how they became the finalists in last year’s TI.

This won’t be the first we would be seeing them in the film after having been featured in the two previous ones. The first-ever ‘True Sight’ movie to be released was in 2018, featuring Team Liquid’s journey in TI7 wherein they went up against China’s Newbee in the grand finals and defeated them.

OG, on the other hand, appeared in last year’s ‘True Sight’ after claiming the championship title in TI8 after beating China’s PSG.LGD.

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