As we all know, Valve always had this resolve in creating a fair environment within the Dota 2 community. And that includes their fight against players who are abusing the system. That’s why on Wednesday, Valve announced banning nearly 40,000 players from the game.

It wasn’t clear what are the grounds for “matchmaking abuse” but they said that they will be more keen on pointing out smurfers or high-level players using a different account, usually low tier ones.

“We are making our smurf detection system more sensitive in this update,” Valve said. “This change will much more proactively target potential smurf accounts, but may on rare occasion give a normal player extra MMR.”

Although it’s not forbidden in owning multiple accounts, disrupting normal matchmaking by teaming up with lower ranks is one of the abuse Steam is talking about.

This punishment that came in with the February 11th update is much more different than the 20-year ban Valve had last September. Now, not only will these rule breakers be banned from Dota 2 but on Steam as well.

We’re glad Valve is taking a step further their penalties. It’s never fun to play with Divine players when you’re just at a Legend rank yourself.

This is only one of the many bans Valve imposed throughout the past years. Last October, an update to disable chat and voice functionality of players whose behavior score is below 3000 until their score rises above the acceptable threshold.

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