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uDOu’s Top Rising Streamers of the Week (Sept. 18-23)

Welcome back to UDOU’s TOP RISING STREAMERS of the WEEK!

Week by week, we feature 5 rising local live streamers with the most interesting gaming content. Check out our best nominees for this week, and make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll at the end of the list. Watch out on Wednesday next week for the results of your votes.

Mirmosipon Gaming

This rising streamer offers a variety of gaming content and adds just the right amount of comedy to make his live streams a chill place to hang out.

J4phet Gaming

He may be new to the live streaming scene,  he is quickly gaining fans for his tanggal umay content. If you wanna be entertained, sir J4phet is the guy you’re looking for!

Tito Clark

Sino lang ang malakas? Tito Clark lang ang malakas!


If looks could kill, this young gamer would make everybody say, “GG na!”

Yana Cosplay

Yana is the perfect combo of cosplaying and quality gaming. She also does vlogs, memes, and other types of content sure to bring her audience their daily dose of good vibes. A complete package!

Who is your top streamer for this week?

Vote now in the poll below! Also for more updates on the latest happenings on music, gaming, and entertainment, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @udouph. And if you liked this article, make sure to stay tuned on our website @udou.ph.

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