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Week by week, we traverse the realm of gaming in search of local live streamers with the most interesting gaming content. Check out our best picks for this week, and make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll at the end of the list. Watch out on Wednesday next week for the results of your votes.


Looking for another babe in the live streaming world? MOT TV will make you fall in love as fast as Eudora’s lightning.


An Apaul a day keeps all the stress away. From Tuesday to Saturday, you gotta drop everything and watch his videos!


Sino lang ang malakas? Si Rochi lang ang malakas!


She’s the Lola BaXang of live streaming. And like the fictional character she represents, she can offer a lot of wisdom when it comes to gaming.



A badass gamer taking the world of Crossfire gaming by storm, you shouldn’t be sleeping on Chikki.

Who among these 5 is your top streamer for this week?

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