Welcome back to UDOU’s TOP RISING STREAMERS of the WEEK!

Week by week, we feature 5 rising local live streamers with the most interesting gaming content. Check out our best nominees for this week, and make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll at the end of the list. Watch out on Wednesday next week for the results of your votes.

Kim Pacheco “Kapitana”

This DOTA 2 Kapitina is a real game-changer, set to conquer the gaming scene with her unique style of content creation.


Lezgo lezgo and fly to the channel of this rising GTA RP content creator, who is a LEGIT source of pure comedy. Watch his videos now!


Well, he never had to tell us to watch him, because his wide variety of quality gaming content– from videos to memes– is enough to have thousands flocking to his page.

It’s Pia Khalifa

Her name might remind you of an iconic celebrity, but don’t let it distract you from how awesome her content is.


Cavite represent! Whether he’s posing for a photo and he’s inside the game, this guy right here exhumes that big fighter energy. Check out his videos and see what we mean!

Who among these 5 is your top streamer for this week?

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