Welcome back to UDOU’s TOP RISING STREAMERS of the WEEK!

Week by week, we feature 5 rising local live streamers with the most interesting gaming content. Check out our best nominees for this week, and make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll at the end of the list. Watch out on Wednesday next week for the results of your votes.


Called the “Foot Legend,” this badass streamer literally plays Mobile Legends with his feet. And mind you, he’s even better than a lot of players you’ll encounter!

PapiBerto Gaming

His name says it all! This guy right here is the ultimate papi of quality gameplays. Let’s all show him some love!

Hunter Gaming

Gameplays? Giveaways? Dance covers? Hunter Gaming gotchu!

BAOG Gamig

His name may be “BAOG,” weak is the last thing he’ll ever be as a player. From Ragnarok, Mobile Legends, to Valorant, this rising streamer is here to kick yo ass!

GON Gaming

GON GAMING can be abbreviated as GG. When it comes to gaming entertainment, he’ll surely make you say, “GG!”

Who is your top streamer for this week?

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