After their amazing run during the WESG and the MDL Chengdu Major, TNC.Predator has been one of the top SEA teams in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings. But knocking them off from their seat of victory is Reality Rift in the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor qualifiers, 2-1.

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Game 3 saw TNC use their ever-reliable hero tandem Morphling-Earthshaker for the third game of their series against Reality Rift. And another thing to note is that both heroes have been nerfed in the but TNC was still efficient in using them for their games. However, it wasn’t enough after Reality Rift’s Ravdan “Hustla” Narmandakh put in a do-or-die performance on Skywrath Mage which let them defeat the SEA household name.

Catch the replay here:

TNC sits out Minor and next Major

In case you wondering what this means for TNC, aside from being eliminated from the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor, they will be also ineligible to attend ESL One Los Angeles Major since only one slot from the Major is reserved for the aforementioned Minor winner.

But don’t worry if you’re a TNC fan because securing the first Major in Chengdu most likely guaranteed their participation at The International 2020.

As for now, we’ll just have to wait for TNC’s reappearance in the next qualifiers which will begin towards the end of March.

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