Being a successful live streamer is hitting two birds with one stone– a double kill! You indulge yourself in a fun, stimulating hobby while having a rewarding career. And it’s not too complicated as a pursuit; you just need a gaming device, a camera, a reliable internet connection, a commitment to content creation, and you’re good to go! 

That is why live streaming is one of the biggest industries today. And even celebrities– big and small– are getting attracted to it. Through live-streaming, they are able to feed their passion for gaming while connecting to their fans.

Check out these Filipino actors who have ventured into live streaming.

Alden Richards

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Going LIVE in a few. Let’s go 👊🏼 Link in bio #ARgaming

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Our ‘pambansang bae’ has never been secretive when it comes to his geeky side. ALDENatics have always been aware that the actor, aside from appearing on TV and in films, is also a passionate gamer. His first stream day kickstarted on September 22, officially establishing his place in the ever-expanding streaming world.

Rayver Cruz


We idolized him for his signature high-energy performances on the dancefloor. But now, he’s also a certified lods in the Mobile Legends battlefield. His official gaming page called Rayver Cruz Gaming launched in September, and from then on he has consistently given his followers gaming content to look forward to.

Joross Gamboa


Popularly recognized as a Star Circle Quest alumnus, the 35-year-old actor/director/producer is now showcasing his comedic side through various content on his social platforms. Launching his Joross Gaming Gamboa Facebook page in November last year, he’s actually one of the first Pinoy actors who have set foot on the live streaming scene.

Nash Aguas


Nash will always have a special spot in our hearts as an OG Goin Bulilit kid. Now, the young actor has given us another reason to love him all the more. From acting and filmmaking, the star magic standout has become an active gaming content creator impressing his fans with his Valorant gameplays.

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Any other Filipino celebrity streamers you know?

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