Ooboo vroose baa dooo! (Happy birthday, The Sims!)

On this very day, February 5, our favorite social life simulation title, The Sims, is celebrating its 20th birthday. And to give back to its fans for staying with them throughout time, Electronic Arts is giving away exciting goodies to Simmers worldwide!

According to the The Sims official website, a small update going is live today with a special free in-game item for everyone. They hinted that Sims can use this item while they chat it up, skinny dip, or WooHoo. All you have to do is follow the instructions to claim the Birthday Hot Tub upon logging in. And after that, you can indulge in your favorite The Sims moments as you’re taken to a trip back down memory lane in their 20th anniversary.

[media-credit name=”EA” link=”https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/news/the-sims-20th-birthday” align=”alignnone” width=”640″]the sims 20th hot tub[/media-credit]

Also, The Sims took it to their official Instagram account to make additional announcements that players can have the chance to randomly win a TS4 expansion, game and stuff packs via Origin wishlists!

And that’s not all…

For the whole month of February, The Sims will let fellow Simmers relive all of their favorite moments on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #PlayWithLifeChallenge. Prepare to see tons of inadvertent deaths, hundred-baby challenges, Sims swimming through the ground, and more!

From the beginning, The Sims has been about playing with life, creating and designing a world in which anything can happen. Even back then, The Sims put a lot of emphasis on inclusion and the freedom to play as you like with the capability to romance any Sim, pick any career path, or spend all of your time in Build/Buy mode. It’s changed a lot in the past twenty years, though, as our understanding of those ideas has evolved. More than just reflecting life as it is, The Sims opens up new possibilities and does away with limits. It gives you a space to push boundaries, explore new ideas, and challenge the status quo. There is no wrong way to play The Sims!”

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