In case you aren’t aware yet, many controversies are surrounding the SEA Games which will be held here in the Philippines. And compared to previous country hosts, it’s kinda embarrassing…

The latest talk of the town is the questionable funding dedicated to the cauldron for the 30th SEA Games. And if you don’t know what it is, it’s made of cast-iron and is traditionally used to burn loose incense on a charcoal disc. But what makes this kaldero very disputable is its hefty price tag of P50-M. Yikes!

The presiding main organizer of the event, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano contests that it should be given a due amount considering it’s a “work of art” made by the late National Artist of Architecture, Francisco “Boboy” Mañosa.

“After the games, you don’t think it’s worth it, even if I think it’s priceless and many in the art world and in the architectural world agree, benta natin,” he said.

Here’s the breakdown of the P50-M cauldron for SEA Games courtesy of ABS-CBN News Online:


But that’s not all…

Kalderos aside, this isn’t the only problem we’re facing when it comes to the SEA Games. In reality, many people are saying that the government is using this chance for corruption. But how can these people say all of this?

Well, one volunteer from the SEA Games, took it to Twitter to accuse the government of the anomalies happening inside. Check out the Twitter thread  right here:

Aside from an unfinished venue, this user goes on to say that the sufficient equipment for the facility is incomplete and was built from sub-standard materials. There have also been talks of canceled games due to time constraints.

But the most shocking news of all is this outrageous budget breakdown of the SEA Games with no detailed explanation nor any quantity.

No photo description available.

What else? There’s also news that the 2019 SEA Games Bowling Event will be held at Starmall, considering it’s the only facility here in the country with 20 lanes.

2019 SEA Games

But first, what is the SEA Games? It’s a “biennial regional multi-sport event” for Southeast Asian countries. In this year’s SEA Games, the Philippines will be the one to host it from 30 November to 11 December 2019 around different venues spread on the island of Luzon. Even more, this will be the time Phillippines will spearhead this event since 2005.

So you can probably understand why it’s embarrassing especially for us with many problems sprouting that there’s still no Internet at the event or any water supply, etc. It took long 14 years to be able to host this prestigious event again yet we’re bombarded with issues and more.

We can only hope for the best regarding this ceremony with only a week left. All in all, it’s the name of the country that’ll be jeopardized. We’re crossing our fingers!

What do you think of how the government is handling the upcoming SEA Games? And do you also it’s part of a corruption scheme? Do you also believe it’s embarrassing for the country?

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