Filipino gaming enthusiasts experienced a dilemma today: watch the streams of newly released ‘The Last of Us Part II’ or be there as our Filipino version of Street Fighter reaches a milestone. 

Bayani‘s first invitational online tournament just took place in the afternoon of June 19, participated by a talented pool of local gamers.

For a little refresher, ‘Bayani’ is a 1v1 fighting game made by an all-Filipino team of game developers. It immerses gamers in a world that bears parallels and references to our most memorable historical figures and events.

From its playable characters inspired by our iconic heroes in the Philippine revolution to the Filipino-landmark-inspired arenas where the heroes clash, the game provides an interesting, modernized medium for young Filipinos to dig into our country’s rich heritage and history.

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Kanino ka kakampi?


The invitational tournament was sponsored by MSI Gaming and organized by RanidaGames. The online event live-streamed on RanidaTV. 12 local gamers and streamers faced each other in a double-elimination tournament. Winners were awarded the following prizes:

Champion: Gaming headset, mousepad, and dragon doll

2nd: Snapback, mousepad, and dragon doll

3rd: Drawstring bad and mousepad

The tourny lasted for almost 4 hours. Players had fun fighting each other using reimagined, digital versions of our heroes like Joe Rizal, Andrei (Dre) Bonifacio, Rionin (Rio) Mabini, Antonilio (Tonio) Luna, among many others.

For the full results of the invitational tournament, you may visit this link. But of course, you’re not gonna head directly into that, right? This event marks an important day in Philippine gaming. Go experience the thrill of it all from the beginning and watch the full stream below!


Have you watched the first-ever Bayani Fighting Game invitationals?

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