While most video games try to do each other one better by bringing you the most immersive stories and awe-inducing gameplays, there’s one particular genre that, despite keeping things simple, never fails to entertain.

Simulation video games are games designed to recreate real-world activities so players can experience them from the comforts of their own homes. And because, well, they copy real-life tasks, jobs, and situations, a good lot of them end up being too specific, that they come across as weird.

That’s right! Over the years, the gaming world has seen the strangest– and sometimes creepiest– and weirdest simulator games no one would have asked for. And for your own escapist pleasure, we present to you the best weirdest ones we have found.

Surgery Simulator

There exists a video game that actually allows you to perform operations on a patient from a first-person perspective. Aspiring surgeons have medical schools to do that, but for couch potatoes who still wanna indulge in the activity without the studying and training aspect of it, Surgery Simulator is the closest thing you’ll ever get to treating (or killing) a patient.

Mother Simulator

This VR game basically puts you in the position of a young parent who needs to take care of her newborn. Of course, it also attempts to capture the scary side of motherhood, such as flushing your baby down the toilet or pouring hot coffee all over yourself, so if you wanna conquer or validate your fear of parenthood, then you should try this game. (Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into, it’s categorized as psychological horror.)

Job Simulator

In this hilarious VR game, robots have replaced human civilization, and they’ll let you step into their “Job Simulator” to know what it was like to “job” back in the days when humans could have a job. Think of it as a simulator within a simulator.

Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator is a narrative-driven card game in which players assume the role of a citizen in a society where their decisions may lead to a cultlike following. Driven by the goal to establish your own Lovecraftian cult, you must collect grimoires, perform rituals, attract followers, and manage your resources.

Wanking Simulator

To you, what’s “the best wanking experience known to mankind, from the comfort of your home”? This simulator game answers this question in a fairly unique way.

In this game that boasts a mix of “destruction and wanking,” players play as Winston Gay, who ends up in a little town called Gay Bay. To earn points, he must kick people to death, wreak havoc across the community that consists of a church, houses, and other places, and most importantly, fap on the locals. If you previously thought that the perfect game doesn’t exist, you better think again.

Any other weird simulator games you know? Tell us in the comments below!

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