The ever-honorable tank mains of the Mobile Legends universe have had glimpses of this upcoming new tank in the advanced server, and they’re hyped af. And even players who are not that fond of taking the tank role are excited to use him. Why is that?

Meet Gloo

Although he’s been the subject of previous teases by Moonton through different concept arts, it was only recently when Gloo, a gel-like, parasitic creature who splits himself into tinier pieces, was officially introduced in the advanced server. Formerly named  ‘Daktech,’ Gloo’s gameplay mechanic is as wacky as his name sounds.

Gloo, known as the Swamp Spirit, specializes in regeneration and crowd control. This being said, you can expect the giant monster to be the new source of stress and annoyance on the battlefield.

Skills Overview

Gloo’s passive skill, Stick, Stick, gives his enemy hero a stack called ‘Sticky‘ each time he hits them with his skills. The skill stacks up to five times, with each stack slowing the enemy by 8%. Additionally, hitting the marked target with basic attack regenerates Gloo’s HP by 1.5%.

His first skill is called Slam, Slam. With it, Gloo smashes the ground, dealing magic damage to enemies within its area of effect, and leaves a tiny gloo that will explode and immobilize surrounding enemies after four seconds.

Pass, Pass, his skill number 2, unleashes a burst of gloo in a specified direction, immobilizing its affected enemies for 0.5 seconds. If it reaches the gloo left by his first skill, Gloo will dash in the small gloo’s direction and drag enemies within its path.

Gloo’s third skill, Split Split, splits him into twelve, tinier pieces for up to 10 seconds. While in this state, he can move around and deal magic damage to enemies in his path. Use again, and he’ll attach himself to the enemy with full ‘Sticky’ stacks. While he cannot move nor dictate his enemy’s direction, he can use his skills and deal continuous damage. Also, what’s unique about this ability is that whenever an enemy attacks Gloo, the enemy with which he’s attached also received damage. Basically, you can think of his ultimate as the opposite of Angela’s.

Overall, Gloo’s skill set is pretty unique for a tank hero, especially that mechanic that allows him to bind himself with an enemy. Apart from being a gigantic, stretchy, meat shield, his regen abilities make him a long-lasting presence on the battlefield, so you can expect some of the enemies’ skills to go to waste. An enjoyable experience awaits players who plan on purchasing him as soon as he becomes available on the regular server, while doom awaits those who’ll be going against him.


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