After years of rumors and countless teasers, it’s finally happening! Steam’s library is getting a fresh new look!

Take a good look at this, y’all, ‘cuz Valve did us the biggest favor by cleaning our dusty shelves! Our gaming experience just got a whole lot better with the Steam Library redesign!  In September, Valve released a beta test for the update and now, it’s available for everyone!

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Just yesterday, Valve finally dropped their much-awaited Steam Library redesign. And in case you’re wondering what’s new, well, here’s everything you need to know! The redesigned Library introduces a new concept of dividing your games into categories. The first thing you’ll see in the Home tab is the What’s New highlight, wherein you get live events, tournaments and fresh announcements of the games you already own.

While Recent Games shows thumbnails of titles you’ve been playing. And lastly, the Recent Friend Activity lets you be in the know about which games your friends are playing.


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A new feature added to the redesigned Steam library is Collections, formerly known as Categories. But through this update, it gives players more control over their goals. Users can opt to choose games through advanced search with specific criteria.

Or, they can add games to a Collection manually by dragging and dropping titles from the left-hand side of the Library.


You can catch the full details of the update right here!

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