The Most Popular Filipino Sportsmen

Phillipines loves itself some sports. Some of the most popular sports in Philippines are of course MMA, Basketball, Chess and running. The most popular sport nowadays in Phillpines is the MMA, with some of the most popular sports personalities from the MMA franchises. Here is a list of the most popular Filipino sportsmen.

The man who singlehandedly brought MMA in the spotlight in the Phillipines. Pacquaio isn’t just famous in Phillipines, he was won global acclaim because of some of his high profile fights in the MMA ring. Fans and expers say that he is one of the greatest boxers of all time. He was the second highest paid athlete in the world in 2015. Today, he is the Senator of the Phillipines and still continues to fight in the right. His last fight was in 2019.

Brandon Vera is a professional wrestler of Filipino and American descent. He is currently active with the ONE Championship. He is pretty famous in the country as well as abroad, his nickname is The Truth.  Today, he has shifted to Phillipines full time to promote MMA and to connect to his roots.  Brandon and Manny both might be only the two most famous Asian personalities from the wolrd of MMA that

Chris Tiu is a professional basketball player, who is now a television presenter of the sport.  Today, he is a model, politician and a commentor as well. He started playing with the Xavier School Golden Stallions. Today, he is the Ambassador of the Department of Science and Technology. In 2008, he won the Phillipines Kid’s Favorite Athelete Award.

Jason Sabio is a professional football player who has played for several organsiations in the US and the Phillipines. He has played for the Phillippines national team in 2012. Jason is pretty famous in the Phillipines for his role as a central defense.

These athlethes are not just the most famous, they are also the unique ones who have never been part of any controversy. Even Manny Pacquiao and Brando Vera, who are part of a violent sport, have never been in any controversy that has marred their professional or personal life. That’s one of the reason why both have been able to pursue a political life and become different personalities in Phillipines and all over the world.

These are some of the most famous athletes in the Phillipines, who have a following all over the world. Do you think we missed out on any? What do you think of this list? Tell us in the comments section. If you like this article, please bookmark us on www.udou.ph for more articles like these!

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