BREN Esports claimed the second day of the M2 World Championship, with KarlTzy’s Lancelot leading the bloodbath.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament wrapped up its second day on January 19, and MPL PH team Bren Esports surely made the country proud with their incredible performance as they went up against Japanese team 10s Gaming Frost.

It was KarlTzy who was named MVP in the second match after ending with 13 of BREN Esports’ 23 kills and the first-ever savage in the history of the tournament.

During the drafting, BREN opted for three support heroes namely Mathilda, Kaja, and Pharsa. FlapTzy chose Lapu-Lapu, while KarlTzy locked in Lancelot. The opponent’s picks consist of Benedetta, Chou, Yi Sun Shin, Lunox, and Khaleed.

At the nine-minute mark, the two squads met in the Lord Pit, triggering a team fight. It was at this point when KarlTzy found himself in the perfect position to go berserk mode, slashing and killing his way to a goosegumps-inducing wipeout. With Ribo’s Pharsa assisting him, he went for Benedetta first, and then Yi Sun Shin. Chou, who was also nearby,  gave him his triple kill, followed by Lunox for a maniac. Peco’s Khaleed attempted to escape the massacre, but right in the middle of his recall BREN located him and assisted Lancelot for a savage.

Although Game 2 had been in favor of BREN from the get-go, winning this team fight allowed the Filipino squad to pull away even further from the opponents, securing them another victorious finish. The match ended with a score of 23-2.

BREN Esports, the reigning MPL Philippines champion, won both of their matches against 10S, tying the Indonesian team ‘Alter Ego’ at the top of Group C at 1-0.


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