It’s official, Sony will be sitting out E3 2020 but it doesn’t mean there won’t be other things worth being excited about

Only a few months more ’til E3 2020 and we all know one of the most anticipated presenters is Sony with their PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, they will be sitting out this event like they did last year. As much as we want to know more about PS5, let’s not forget about the exciting reveals from other companies we’ll get to see. So that’s why we listed it down for y’all!

But first, what exactly is E3 2020? And what’s all the fuss over it? Well, the  ‘Electronic Entertainment Expo’ is only one of the biggest and longest-running gaming conventions in the world since 1995. Importantly, it’s an avenue for game developers and publishers to showcase new hardware and titles for fans, players, and media to see.

ICYMI, it was also in E3 2015 that the first Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced and will be released this March. Another example is that the PS4 console had its first design unveiled at E3 back in 2013. So you see it’s importance in shaping the gaming industry.

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Here’s what you can expect

Xbox Series X

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First announced in E3 2019, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is another console many fans would are looking forward to. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox development, assured that the Xbox Series X will indeed be making an appearance in E3 2020.

Expect to hear some new game announcements – particularly on its features wherein you can use it horizontally and its brand-new controller. We can’t wait to get our hands on this baby coming out in November 2020!

And who knows, we might also get some information on the rumored siblings of Xbox Series X such as Lockhart and Anaconda–two new next-gen consoles with a cheaper SKU and more beastly premium SKU, respectively.

Nintendo Reveals

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Here’s another common face at E3. It’s no wonder Nintendo will be attending again with their new Nintendo Switch Pro and it’s more important now that Sony won’t be hogging all the attention.

That’s not all! If you’ve seen the first trailer for the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel at E3 last year, there’s a big chance Nintendo might unveil additional details on this new action-adventure game like its title and initial release date. unveiling, perhaps with a title and an idea of when the game is scheduled to release.

And of course, expect to see Super Smash Bros Ultimate  dominating all of Nintendo’s products. Considering now that there’s so much buzz about its fifth DLC character’s identity. Could we possibly hear some more news on new DLC fighters to come in the future?

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What: E3 2020
When: June 9-11
Where: Los Angeles Convention Center

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