Get ready to say your goodbyes to toxic players in Dota 2 because Valve will disable their chat function! Yas!

Start the week right with some good news! Apparently, Valve dropped a new Dota 2 update on Thursday that will promote a healthier gaming environment and will ban toxic players from chatting! We all know the intense distress toxic players give us, and it’s the damn right time to put an end to their mayhem.

This update includes a post-game match evaluation that goes along the line like this: “Allow us to gather more player sentiments on match quality to help find common patterns to what makes matches enjoyable vs what makes them unenjoyable.”

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In turn, Valve will disable chat and voice functionality of players whose behavior score is below 3000 until their score rises above the acceptable threshold, doing us a huge favor! Even more, Valve will now show the average and max queue times for players in the match to find out if a bad match was formed.

“We believe this more gradual user-facing reinforcement mechanism will be valuable for both protecting the larger population from outliers and as a warning system for players who are moving in the wrong direction that might encourage them to improve.”

Matchmaking updates

There has been also an issue when it comes to large gap party matchmaking is that the opponents are incompatible. It’s either the MMR gap is too high or too low. Thus, making the game unenjoyable for others due to some having low impact/agency in the game while others have an outsized one. To address that, Valve has thought of lessening the MMR gap within a party from 2800 to 2000.

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Furthermore, Valve reverted to 5 stars per medal to rank up. Road to Immortal, here we go! But along with this, they have made changes when it comes to retaining the medal. So take note, if you are ever more than one star away from your actual current rank, your medal will be adjusted to reflect that.

Catch the full update here:

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