What can you do with one of the most successful game titles in history? Anything!

That is why it comes as no surprise that Netflix is getting their hands on Capcom’s Resident Evil game series to make a television show of their own. The streaming service has recently announced that they are adapting the immensely popular survival-horror game franchise into an eight-episode drama series.

Written and produced by Supernatural‘s Andrew Dabb who is also a co-showrunner, the Resident Evil series will not be a reboot per se, but a brand new story exploring the lives of twins Jade and Billie Wesker. It must be pointed out that these two protagonists are not in any of the RE games, and will most likely be introduced as the children of Albert Wesker.

The plot will be told across two timelines, the first one focusing on the siblings as teenagers in Racoon City before the T-virus outbreak. The second timeline happens over a decade later and follows Jade as she tries to survive in a monster-infested world while grappling with the haunting of a dark past that involves her sister and her father.

Debuting in 1996, Capcom’s original Resident Evil title went on to become a genre-defining franchise and one of the best selling game series of all time with over 100 million games sold worldwide.

While it’s understandable some fans are disappointed over the Netflix adaptation shying away from the source material– a move that reminds us of the six RE films that did not end well–, it’s also a promising step the streaming giant is taking as it gives viewers an opportunity to find new excitement within a familiar territory and revisit Racoon City from a different perspective. Also, this puts us in a position safe from gamers who could potentially spoil the show for us.

Netflix’s Resident Evil will have eight episodes, each one an hour long. Constantin Film is the studio behind the development, while Bronwen Hughes (The Walking Dead, The Journey Is The Destination) will be the director and executive producer of the first two episodes.

No release date has been announced, yet.

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What do you think about Netflix’s RE adaptation? 

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