Quick, pack your bags, because we’re going to Brazil!

Moonton is bringing the fiesta over to the Land of Dawn with Pharsa’s upcoming new skin. Named ‘Samba Muse,’ it turns the powerful mage into a dancing goddess sporting a colorful, festival-themed dress. Even her bird, Verri, has undergone a massive visual makeover and is now a blue macau that will remind you of Rio.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang posted a sneak peek of Pharsa wearing her ‘Samba Muse’ skin, and players of the popular MOBA have been nothing but enlivened by the presentation. In the video, we see the mage queen dancing to salsa music. We also get glimpses of her overhauled abilities in action.

Her ultimate skill ‘Feathered Air Strike’ now sends pinkish-white energies in a designated area while a carnival mask appears underneath her. The magic energy released by Curse of Crow and Energy Impact also bears the same gradient of colors with matching bursts of confetti. While Moonton did not reveal the release date, they said in the announcement that it’s coming soon, so Pharsa users won’t be waiting that long. Also, take note that ‘Samba Muse’ will only be available for a limited time, so you better start saving dias now.

Watch the trailer for Pharsa’s new skin below!


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