PUBG Mobile and BlackPink Collab: How You Like That, Players?

2020 is really full of surprises: PUBG Mobile just teased a partnership with BlackPink!

On September 14, PUBG Mobile took to Twitter to tease fans about a new in-game something coming to the game. The teaser is a close-up shot of a pink-haired female character wearing bangs and a pair of pink-rimmed sunglasses that reflect the war-torn New Erangel. Only the covered upper half of her face can be seen, and the caption is prompting fans to guess who’s the face behind.

While the shot is too zoomed-in to give away the identity of the character, we could not think of anyone else other than Thai rapper and BlackPink member, Lalisa Manoban, who is more popularly recognized as Lisa. And based on the responses to the teaser, it seems like a lot of fans have the same person in mind.

For the unversed, BlackPink is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment. It’s composed of four members namely Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rose. Their latest project is a collaboration track with Selena Gomez titled, ‘Ice Cream,’ which is also the group’s most chart-topping song to date, debuting at number 13 on US Billboard Hot 100 charts. 

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It makes perfect sense that Lisa– or anyone in BlackPink, for that matter, is the mystery person. PUBG is no stranger when it comes to collaborations; only in July, BlackPink’s ‘Playing With Fire’ could be heard in some locations across the PUBG map. The game had also previously teamed up with renowned DJ Alan Walker way back in 2019. Lastly, PUBG’s developer and publisher, Tencent games, had recently partnered with Lisa and made her the ambassador of their game called Brawl Stars.

BlackPink in your PUBG area!

And then, in their most recent tweet, PUBG Mobile shared a poster showing the back view of 4 women all seated in a car with a pink interior, the PUBG landscape visible through the windshield. The caption reads: “‘New color’ is on the way.” This announcement confirms that our speculations were not mere clownery on our part as fans of the Kpop quartet and that BlackPink is, indeed, about to be in the PUBG area!


This is honestly a generous move for PUBG Mobile, partnering with global superstars to add more thrill into the gaming experience. And honestly, this is a BIG move! If this works and they successfully onboarded a wider range of players than the usual niche they have, then I dare say that the entire Gaming industry has seen a very good proof of concept. 

And maybe, just maybe, this can be the missing piece to that longstanding bridge between Gaming and the mainstream audience. Who knows right? Maybe BP can finally create that bridge and create that space! Truly Exciting!

The BAD…

However, whether this collaboration results in gain or a loss remains a question. Sure, the arrival of BlackPink into the game entails their massive fandom following suit; you could already see a lot of Blinks tweeting about installing or reinstalling the game upon learning about the news. And we do know that K-pop fans are notorious for their ability to go overboard when they do support their idols. 

But then again, there is still the cons — we’ve also seen some players– and we’re talking about OG PUBG players– who have expressed their disappointment over this marketing strategy by PUBG mobile. After all, not everyone is a Kpop fan, and whether we like it or not, there are still a lot of haters out there who openly diss Kpop music, and who strongly feels that these two verticals are not to be mixed. As some might say, it is like putting oil into the water and expecting it to mesh together as one. Quite an increasing number of gamers have expressed online how this Blackpink tactic, unfortunately, struck them as a major turn-off. To them, it comes off as a hard sell tactic for PUBG to increase its online players. Plus, there is still the longstanding question of whether these guys are here to play and if they do have the necessary grit and passion for the game itself. 

How about you, though? What do you think about this collaboration between PUBG Mobile and BlackPink?

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