PewDiePie shares final video before Youtube hiatus

Say goodbye to PewDiePie along with his hilarious video content ‘cuz he’s officially taking a hiatus from YouTube!

But this doesn’t mean you won’t get to see him anymore

In his latest video posted today, PewDiePie said his farewells to fans as he will be finally taking an “indefinite” break from YouTube. This isn’t a surprise for many considering he already gave a heads up before 2019 ended, saying he will focus instead on his life outside the screen.

He goes on to say: “The truth is, I don’t want to go on a break, truth is, I love making videos. I just feel like I need to do this.” In case you didn’t know, 2019 has been hectic for the Internet comedian when he married Marzia Bisognin, got his house robbed, passed the 100-million subs milestone, and clashed with other YouTubers–we believe this a well-deserved break for PewDiePie to piece back his life together.

“One thing I really realised is I love making videos and I love interacting with you guys…but I think this year has been so much piling up that I should probably cool down for a bit. Then I will come back with 10,000%.”

“I’m not quitting media.”

Pewdiepie, however, clarified that he won’t be quitting social media in general. Rather, he would just take a break from making YouTube videos. So expect to still see a glimpse of him but no more game walkthroughs, Reddit critiques, and meme reviews.

Known for his humor and quirkiness, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is one of the biggest stars on YouTube, amassing over 100 million subscribers. And seeing him away from the spotlight, well, it’s new. After all, he’s been around the scene for over a decade now. And most fans (including us) have gotten used to him and his entertaining video content.

YouTube PewDiePie

He ended his video by pouring himself a drink, and goes on to say: “I just wanted to take this moment to give a toast…thank you for watching across the years…it is a big thing, even though it isn’t a big thing. I want to say thank you for watching my videos; it makes me happy…Cheers to you.”

BRB, we’re crying!

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How do you feel now that PewDiePie is taking an indefinite LOA from YouTube? And for how long do you think this break will last?

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