Youtube king PewDiepie has finally decided to call his Minecraft series quits.

The emotional goodbye happened on a May 22 upload, almost a year after he launched the series. The series began in June 2019, for which the Youtube star was credited by many for reviving the game’s popularity. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We must say goodbye to PewDiePie’s fictional Bro Land– for now.

Bye Bye Minecraft

The series finale is called “Bye Bye Minecraft”. On the caption, the Swedish celebrity said, “The last pewdiepie minecraft episode so sad gamers” Explaining why he had to make the decision, he said, “I think this will be the last Minecraft episode I do in a while. Some people were complaining that it was getting a bit dry. And I kind of agree with you.” He also explained that he had run out of things to do in the series.

At the end of the episode, just as the night sky starts to approach Bro land painting the horizon orange, the Youtube sensation bade his farewell to his dog, Sven. “Sven, come here. I want to say goodbye. See you soon my man, see you soon.”


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What will you miss about PewDiePie’s Minecraft Series?


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