Shadow Arena is Black Desert’s spinoff in the form of a battle royale. 

Characterized by a mix of MMO and MOBA features, Shadow Arena is an action-packed battle royale with a last-man-standing gameplay. Initially a mode within Black Desert Online, fans loved Shadow Arena so much that it became an independent game.

Battle Royale with a MOBA style of gameplay

Pearl Abyss’ Shadow Arena gameplay. Image Credit: Pearl Abyss

Its gameplay is an interesting combination of MOBA and battle royale: up to 40 players enter a rapidly shrinking battleground,  scavenging and killing mobs to enhance skills and acquire equipment, and fighting with each other until one player remains. 

It currently offers nine playable characters, each possessing a unique set of skills and abilities. These heroes have four abilities that will be upgraded to the maximum of third-tier as their levels and stats increase. With only nine playable characters so far, you can actually check out each of their abilities to learn about their key strenghts and weaknesses, and how to best beat them in a match.

A familiar but more interesting gameplay


If you are a fan of battle-royalesque action, Shadow Arena offers more than that. It has RPG and PvP elements, making the combat similar to a Tekken match. While looting may not be a problem as you can easily dodge off monster encounters, there will be boss monsters you have to watch out for. Some of them can kill you in an instant.

Also, with 40 players inside the arena that grows smaller fast, PvP matches will be inevitable, so you might expect some nail-biting bloodbath!

Launching on PC soon

The game developers, Pearl Abyss, launched a BETA test that ran from February 27 to March 8, 2020. Further announcement regarding the game’s full release is expected to come out soon.

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What do you think about Shadow Arena’s closed BETA?

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