After revealing the first gameplay trailer for Crimson Desert at The Game Awards, Pearl Abyss revealed today a trailer commentary for the highly anticipated game.

Featuring the executive producer Daeil Kim, the trailer commentary video tackles the scenes and content of the world premiere gameplay trailer, which was well received by gamers and media across the world upon launch. The Washington Post praised the gameplay for showing “very impressive engine work with a dizzying amount of environmental and particle effects,” while Tech media CNET said, “it looks absolutely immaculate.”

The release of the commentary sees the return of executive producer and founder Daeil Kim, who has also spearheaded the game’s development. In the video, Kim introduces the production intention of each scene and the story behind it. Unreleased clips can also be found at the end of it.

“We wanted to focus on things we never tried before,” said executive producer and founder Daeil Kim in the commentary, emphasizing also the themes of “adventure” and “exploration.”

Additionally, a Game Overview video has been released. Featuring Daeil Kim, co-producers HwanKyong Jung and SeongWoo Lee, and the lead combat designer Hyeseok Chae, the video introduces the world, in-game content, actions, and battles of Crimson Desert.

Crimson Desert is an open world action-adventure game currently in development using Pearl Abyss’ next-generation proprietary engine. Scheduled for release in winter 2021, the game tells the story of a mercenary fighting for survival in the vast continent of Pywel, with a focus on realistic depictions of characters and narratives.

Watch the trailer commentary below! You can also visit their official website for more information.


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