Dota 2 analyst and esports talent, Pao “Sandata” Bago decides to come back home to pursue a passion project for the local esports community.

It has been almost a year ago since Pao Bago became Fnatic’s Dota 2 team analyst. From being a prominent face in the Philippines’ esports community to a highly-regarded talent outside the country. Sounds like a  surreal, fever dream. But his esports journey showed that everyone has a fighting chance to make it. No matter who you are or where you came from. But sometimes, you have to make choices to see how far you will go.

In a recent Facebook post, Pao thanked the whole Fnatic organization for taking him under their wing. It has been, what? Just a year. Just one year. For some, one year might sound a short time for a stint with an international organization such as Fnatic. But according to Pao himself, that one year was an amazing ride. In just a span of one year, he had learned quite a lot.

Among his reasons of not renewing his analyst post was the difficulty of the lifestyle. As much as it offered a lot of travelling and eye-opening experiences, he still wants to work close to home. And of course, to start a passion project in the country, along with the people and the community closest to his heart.

This passion project of his remained a mystery. But people are speculating that it will be enriching and engaging to everyone involved in the local gaming scene. We’ve known Pao for his consistent sharing of knowledge. Always looking back to his roots. Always keeping everyone in the loop. Either it’s just answering questions about the DPC season or about how the esports community works beyond our imagination.

But whatever it is, everyone’s looking forward to it. Because we know that Pao Bago isn’t just an esports talent. He’s a trailblazer towards a greater future of esports