GAMES: OG Doesn’t Qualify for Chongqing Major

This doesn’t look good. The DPC action intensifies with The Bucharest Minor but OG fails to qualify for Chongqing Major after their early finish.

Right after losing in The Chongqing Regional Qualifiers, the Bucharest Minor is OG’s next chance for redemption. Winner of the Bucharest Minor not only takes home the prize money but also gets an invite for the upcoming Chongqing Major. However, TI8 champions, OG fails to snatch a slot for the major and exits early in the Bucharest Minor.

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With Igor “iLTW” Filatov in the team, OG has another mechanical player to fill in for position 1 while Anathan ‘”ana” Pham is on break. However, even with the Russian rookie to complete their team, OG seems to have lost their groove. During the Bucharest Major, OG performed better than WePlay Winter Madness where Gambit Esports crushed them in the grand finals.

Their performance during the group stage was good. They were one of the top-seeded groups for the playoffs, together with EHOME, Gambit Esports and Keen Gaming. Despite their slow start in every match, they were able to have iLTW and Topson’s heroes to come online in every late game. JerAx and n0tail have made rotations that caused upset to their enemies. And Ceb did guide his teams with his coaching and drafting skills.

However, it seems that wasn’t enough. Right after being seeded in the Upper Bracket in the Playoffs, OG began to implode. They faced again Gambit Esports in the Upper Bracket, only to lose again 0-2. And after falling down to the Lower Bracket, they lost to Ninjas in Pyjamas, 1-2. With that early finish, they lost the chance they have to qualify for the upcoming major.

Sadly, their defeat only means that the team is raw, with all the roster change they’ve gone to. But this might be an opportunity for the champs to polish their skill sets for the time being. Who knows, they may come back strong as ever like they did last time. Either way, we’re ready to see OG again in the main stages.

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