Apparently, a live-action show is not the only Netflix project involving the reputable Resident Evil title.

It was previously announced that the streaming giant is developing its own eight-episode, live-action Resident Evil series. The announcement reveals that it’s not going to be a reboot per se, but a brand new show exploring the lives of twins Jade and Billie Wesker— two names that were not in any RE games and films before.

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The Capcom-developed zombie thriller is about the be turned into an anime series, too. On Sunday, September 27, Netflix and Capcom unveiled the first official trailer for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. It’s a computer-generated, horror-action series focusing on the franchise’s mainstay characters, Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy.

As intense as the trailer looks, it doesn’t give away too many juicy details of the story aside from the obvious. All we see are the two protagonists, a brief zombie appearance, and blinding darkness, like the title suggests. The series will be produced and supervised by Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi who has previously worked on three computer-animated RE films: Damnation, Degeneration, and Vendetta. He will be producing alongside anime studio TMS Entertainment. Japan’s Quebico will be spearheading the CG 3D animation of the show.

Premiering in 2021, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is just one of the multiple game-based shows being brought to life by Netflix. Watch the trailer below!


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