NBA 2K21 Reveal Trailer Unveils Next-Gen Gameplay

This next-generation NBA 2k21 is going to be revolutionary.

As the November release of both the new PlayStation and Xbox comes to a close, Gamers were treated today to the first official glimpse at 2k on next-generation consoles. NBA 2k21 unveiled a preview of its gameplay running on the PlayStation 5, boasting hyper-realistic visuals that look straight out of a live NBA broadcast.

NBA 2k21 launches on November 10 for the Xbox Series X and S, November 12 for the PlayStation 5 in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, and the US, and November in other regions.

Visual Concepts president, Greg Thomas, says, “Never before have we been able to deliver this level of visual fidelity and realism in a video game. NBA 2K21 is the standout title that best delivers the promise of next-gen: truly revolutionary graphics, lighting-fast load times and incredible new features and gameplay only possible on next-generation hardware.”

From the texture, skin, animations, and physics, the gameplay video is a testament to great advances in graphics technology. Even the looks of the new arena are enough to seal the deal; the environment is so alive and dynamic you’ll feel as though you were in there. Players can surely expect this one to be the biggest title in the franchise.

Watch NBA 2k21’s next-gen gameplay teaser below!


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