The gaming world has always been dominated by young people.

That is why when Nanay Gaming– who’s literally a middle-age Filipino mother who plays and live streams– stepped into the gaming scene, everybody was blown away.

She’s an embodiment of every young Filipino gamer’s dream: to have a nanay who plays Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as a hobby so there would be no one to go angry rapper mode on us in the middle of an intense ranked game.

Kidding aside, Nanay Gaming is pure entertainment: watching her play and respond to the happenings in the game is the perfect way to wind up when you’ve just lost a stressful match due to cancerous teammates. When she doesn’t have puto orders, that where you’ll find her: sitting comfortably in front of the camera, surrounded by her children who guide her along the way, playing as either Layla, Eudora, or Zilong (a very cringeworthy pick in the eyes of a pro-gamer).


She’s new in the live streaming scene; her official Facebook page was only created on June 7. But mind you: our nanay has already garnered over 80 thousand followers and has been viewed millions of times. One of her 10 videos entitled “G na G na ako Mga ka Mudra!” has jaw-dropping 2.4 million views and over 77 thousand shares.

Well, you don’t really wanna have her as a teammate if you’re seriously aiming for that star. She plays like a real beginner who won’t contribute much in a fight. But for the sheer delight of battling alongside someone as cool as this mother, it’s now everybody’s dream to play with her.

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