From the depths of the ocean rises the ocean gladiator ATLAS, a.k.a. the next OP hero to ban in every ranked game upon its release.

“Born into the deep, we crave for the light. The ocean is not just our home. It is who we are…” Born tragically in the darkness of the abyssal sea, the deep-sea dwellers have an insatiable craving for the light on the surface!

Atlas is the latest hero on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang set to be released soon. A tank type, his specialty is initiating fights and crowd control. He is empowered by a machinery armor called Mecha. This hero is already feared by players especially those who have played or fought against him in the advance server.

Atlas: Ocean Gladiator

Photo Credit: Montoon

Atlas’ skills are as follow:

Frigid Breath (Passive)

  • Atlas generates Frigid Breath around him for 5s each time he uses a skill. He gains 64-120 Physical and Magic DEF when he is inside Frigid Breath. He also reduces the enemies’ movement SPD and ATK Speed by 50% if they are within the Frigid Breath. However, they can avoid the slow effect by staying out of it.


  • Atlas smashes the ground and causes 3 explosions, each one dealing an increasing Magic Damage to enemies. 

Perfect Match

  • Atlas enters Ejected State, in which he leaves the armor and increases his movement SPD by 25%. In this state, he is also immune to slow effects. When the armor returns, nearby enemies will get stunned for a second.

Fatal Links

  • As his ultimate skill, Atlas sends out chains that will pull nearby enemy heroes into the player’s desired direction. However, if the enemy moves out of range while the skill is charging, it won’t take effect. He can use this skill to pull all five enemies at once. Also, minions and creeps won’t be affected by this skill.

All in all, Atlas has stun abilities, damage reduction, slowing power, and the ability to pull multiple enemies, sort of like Franco with five hooks. Sounds scary? Yeah, it does.

What do you think about the new hero Atlas?

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