On Mobile Legends: BangBang, playable heroes belong under the categories of Tanks, Fighters, Marksmen, Mages, Assassins, and Supports.


I’m not gonna explain how all these roles work. You already know about tanks and MM’s and assassins, because if all these heroes were inside a classroom, they would be the honor students. They’re the usual front-runners, receiving the recognition, getting the praises from the community.

I’m here to talk about our group– our unpopular discriminated against minority.

Support struggles

Mobile Legends by Montoon

Having been playing the game for almost eight months, I currently sit at Mythic V, rank-wise. I have occupied each role, mastered multiple heroes, and battled with all kinds of people from all walks of life. But if I were to pick which role I liked best, it’s the healers, the caregivers, the providers of immunity against enemy attacks.

Every role has an important part to play. They obviously wouldn’t have been put in the game if they were useless. But then, here comes the weird part: every once in a while, you will encounter players who just don’t seem to understand the concept of hero diversity. Even worse, if you’re a support player, these players will trashtalk you.

At the draft-mode, even though your win rate is fairly high, someone will request– politely or rudely– for you to change your pick. Some users don’t have the capacity to understand that the game doesn’t solely revolve around the Granger-Khufra-Chou trio. If they see you planning to use Rafaela, or Diggie, they will instantly have that fight-or-flight response out of fear that you won’t be of any significant contribution to the team.

What’s worse?

If the game is losing, and even if it’s pretty obvious that the opponent’s team is just too much for yours, some players will put the blame on you, all because of your pick. That’s despite the fact that they’re the ones who have been killed enough times to boost the enemy’s confidence. That’s despite the fact that you haven’t done anything to jeopardize your teammates.

The unsung heroes

There’s something about the support role that’s got a certain appeal to me. I can play Bruno and easily kick my way to MVP. I can tank and lead my team to a victorious finish. But when I’m throwing Diggie’s time explosives around, or healing everyone using Rafaela’s second skill, that’s when I get the ultimate gaming satisfaction.

Maybe it’s the controlling aspect of the role, like you get to manipulate the enemy’s movements so your team’s damage dealers could get kills more efficiently. Or maybe it’s the idea that while everyone’s busy farming or hunting down opponent’s assassins, you can just roam around like a supervisor, making sure that everything’s in place, that the team’s got a decent amount of HP. Maybe it’s the need to provide and provide and provide, because in real-life, you’re that lovely, generous individual.

Either way, we can’t just ditch support classes just because we don’t feel them.

I’m not being arrogant or anything. I can just confidently say I’m a good support player. My main hero is Diggie, a genius bird who throws around explosives and shields everyone with his super skill, disabling all enemies’ crowd controlling powers. I have an MMR or over 3000, which isn’t the highest but enough to tell you that I know how to use the freaking hero.

I mean, it should be enough, but for some, it isn’t.

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Who’s your main hero? Can you tell us some of your struggles, too?

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