To play the role of a tank is another daunting task. You’re the protector, the initiator, the first taker of the damage. You’re basically the parent in the team, and if your kids are naughty, well, let’s just say you’re in deep trouble.

Mobile Legends by Montoon

Tanks are a hero class in Mobile Legends characterized by their high defense and durability. With their bulky features, their main task is usually locking down on enemies and initiating team fights. Given their durability, it is also their duty to protect their more fragile teammates by stunning and pushing off approaching foes.

The responsibility no one wants

You can encounter tank mains from time to time, but the chances of this precious moment happening are as slim as Miya’s body. It’s almost as rare as getting to play alongside a skilled Belerick user, because most players suck at playing that hero. During a draft pick, everybody who gets to choose first will show their non-tank heroes. If you’re the last one to pick, the tanking duties fall on you.

You need to watch out for impending dangers

Having been cursed to be a meat shield, you need to sneak around and reach deep into the enemy’s side, because that’s how you assure no one’s coming to take the buffs off your team. But then, on many occasions when the opponent’s tank-marksman-support trio suddenly appears and threatens to steal your buff, you should also be the one warding them off. If they turn out to be too stubborn and initiate aggression upon you and your farming teammate, it’s also your call to stay there until your little baby is safely away. What if you die? Then you die.

They can leave you behind anytime they want


You usually lead the charge, locking down on enemies to set up an attack for your team. But then sometimes, they don’t follow, so you basically committed suicide. It’s especially shitty when you sacrifice your life by diving into a turret, and they just turn their backs on you and run away. Like, dude? Show some respect to your daddy!

Never-ending complains to return your never-ending adjustments


It’s your fault when your teammates get killed. You’re a useless tank when they can’t kill an enemy. You will get trashtalked when the opponent’s team is winning even when your teammates are the ones dropping around the map like mosquitoes. It’s like there’s an unspoken code between non-tank players that automatically puts the blame on tanks when the team is going downhill. They think you are nothing more than a big pile of flesh made to sacrifice your life for them, and they can dismiss you anytime.

It’s fun, though

Although it gets stressful, being a tank user is an entertaining and fulfilling role. Much like a parent, there’s a sense of satisfaction when your babies are winning (I’m not saying real-life parents teach their child to be cannibals or something. We’re talking about Mobile Legends here). The magic damage you’ve taken, the times you’ve given up your life to protect your team, it all pays off once you see your marksmen or assassins slaying an enemy every ten seconds. Hearing the game announcer scream, “Savage” after your Granger’s fifth consecutive kill is like music to your ears.

Any tank struggles you’ve experienced?

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