Montoon has added new voice lines to the new and improved Lapu-Lapu, and one of these is spoken in Filipino.

“Umalis ka sa aming lupain,” which is translated to “Get off our land,” can be heard when the hero uses his ultimate skill. This is a line definitely inspired by one of the most important events in Philippine history led by a real-life hero named Lapu-Lapu.

To give you a quick lecture, Lapu-Lapu is regarded as the first native to have stood up against foreign colonialism, making him the first Philippine hero in recorded history. Hailed by locals as the brave Mactan leader, he led his troops into defeating the army of Spanish colonizers fronted by Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan, who attempted to seize the Mactan Island in Cebu. This so-called Battle of Mactan happened in 1521.

Mobile Legends’ Lapu-Lapu is one of the least noticed playable heroes today, that is why Montoon did some remodeling. Other changes made to the redesigned fighter include his abilities and skill animation. There will also be an increase in his damage. A local gaming content creator named Elgin-Gaming made an analysis of the revamped Lapu-Lapu. Check it out below.


The irony, though.

Montoon is a Chinese video game developer based in Shanghai. At the moment, China is a country we’re not on good terms with. To put it charitably, they’re claiming our West Philippine Sea as their South China Sea, and that’s not cool. Lapu-Lapu is an embodiment of Filipino nationalism– our collective resistance against foreign colonizers. Don’t you think that molding a fictional character that represents the very thing standing in China’s way, is a bit ironic?

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What do you think of the revamped Lapu-Lapu?

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