After years of playing the marksman role, it has finally come to the final test: will you be able to pull off Beatrix Wesker, hailed in the leaks as the hardest marksman hero to date?

Players in the advanced server are either impressed or frustrated with the newest MLBB hero in town because a. she’s incredibly thrilling to play and b. it takes some work and dedication to be able to master her fairly complicated gameplay. Meet Beatrix Wesker, known as the ‘Dawnbreak Solider,’ whose arrival in the Land of Dawn will carry along a new level of chaotic fun.

Don’t get fooled by her adorable and quirky look– Beatrix goes bonkers on the battlefield! But before you make the most out of this pink-haired gun machine, you’ll have to master her skill combos using each of her four weapons. You heard it right, this girl is equipped with not just one, but four different ranged weapons, each requiring its own gameplay mechanic.

Beatrix Skills and Weapons

Beatrix’s weapons all have a name. Renner is a sniper rifle with slow attack speed but deals an insane amount of dagame; Bennet, a bazooka that deals AoE damage; Wesker, a shotgun sends out bullets in a fan-shaped area; and Nibiru, a submachine gun with high DPS. Beatrix’s passive skill is called “Mecha Genius,” whose effect changes according to the weapon she’s holding. It should be noted that she can only carry two weapons at once.

Her first skill is called “Coordination,” used to switch between her primary weapons. Her second skill, “Tactical Reposition,” allows her to blink in a specified direction, the skill animation depending on the weapon she’s using. Her third and ultimate skill also depends on the weapon she’s carrying, but it basically enhances the weapon effects into high-burst attacks.

Beatrix’s backstory paints her as an intelligent young girl who has a knack for weaponry and extraordinary technological prowess. Overall, Beatrix is a beast, skills and gameplay-wise. Her varied armory basically gives her 8 attack skills in total, so apart from your fast reflexes, your decisiveness and creativity will also be put to a test.

As of writing, she is only playable in the advanced server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. There’s a rumor that she’s slated for launch in the original server sometime this March, but Moonton has yet to confirm. If proven true, then she’ll follow ‘Yve The Astrowarden’ who was officially introduced last February.

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