She’s like Zhask and Pharsa, combined!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has introduced another hero in the latest patch of the advanced server, a mage named ‘Yve The Astrowarden.’ With a specialty in poke and burst damage, you might expect her to be one of those annoying heroes that will persistently harass you on your lane.

Another peculiar-looking alien creature, Yve bears a striking resemblance to Zhask. In terms of mechanics, she’s also similar to the Planes Dominator in the sense that she can summon a damage-dealing spawn and put it in a designated location on the map. And there’s actually a reason behind these similarities.

Story-wise, Montoon has introduced Eve as Zhask’s nemesis. A mysterious, emotionless creature, she had come down from the sky above the Frozen Ocean and was first discovered by Aurora. From Mithlora, a mysterious region of the galaxy, Yve came to the Land of Dawn to chase her mortal enemy.

If you have already seen on the gameplays everything this new hero can do, you’d agree that she could be the next OP queen.

Yve’s skills

Yve’s passive skill is called Galactic Power, which enables her to gain a maximum of 10 stacks– each one granting her 2% additional movement speed– each time she hits an enemy with her skills.

Her first skill, Void Blast, is a circular energy blast she can put on a designated area. While dealing magic damage to the target enemies, those within the central area will be slowed down.

Her second skill is called Meteor Fall. With this, Yve summons a crystal-shaped spawn in a designated location. After placing the spawn on the map, she can use the skill again to assign the direction to which it will fire a continuous blast.

Yve’s third and ultimate skill is called Real World Manipulation, and this may be one of the most unique and interesting skills by a Mobile Legends hero to date. Using this skill, Yve summons a massive starfield (think of it as a futuristic chessboard) that lasts for 10 seconds. She can tap the squares on the board to attack the enemies above it, and she’s also immune to any airborne effects during this skill’s period.

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What do you think about MLBB’s new hero, Yve?

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