New hero alert!

In the latest patch of the advanced server, Mobile Legends Bang Bang has introduced the latest addition to its growing library of playable heroes.

Labeled as ‘The Dino Rider,’ Barts is another two-in-one character that bears resemblances to Jawhead and Popol and Kupa. He’s under the category of tank/fighter, and enters the battlefield riding his dinosaur pet named Rahal and attacks enemies with it.

What can Barts do?

Considering that the hero is in the advanced server, there might still be some kinks that Montoon would work on in terms of his skill and abilities before the proper release. But from what we’ve gathered so far, Barts could be another annoyingly OP hero you’d make sure to ban before every match.

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First, his passive skill called ‘I Am Big‘ allows him to stack up for every damage he inflicts upon enemies, increasing his attributes and his size. This can make him the biggest hero in the battlefield, probably as nearly as big as the turtle.

His first skill, ‘So-Called Teamwork‘, allows Raha to spit out contaminated oil that deals damage on enemies within a fan-shaped area in front and slows them down. In turn, Barts throws a firecracker onto the affected area, igniting it and causing physical damage.

Bart’s second skill, ‘Missiles Expert,’ enables him to launch a missile to his target, causing Physical Damage and pulling the receiving enemy towards the hero– something you see from Franco, Yu Zhong, and Kaja. His ultimate, Beast Roar, is a powerful CC skill in which Rahal roars heavenward and surrounds himself with a massive, circular forcefield that stuns and causes Physical Damage upon the enemy who comes in contact with its edge.

Not enough damage?

What he has in size and attributes, he lacks in damage dealing. At least, that’s what the gameplays tell us so far. But to be fair, Barts is a tank/fighter type; instead of getting insta kills, his gameplay would most probably focus more on roaming around to annoy the hell out of opponents with his crowd-controlling abilities. After all, he’s BIG. And that could mean something bad especially for squishy heroes.

What do you think about Barts The Dino Rider?

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