Mobile Legends: Bang Bang opens its doors to the first-ever support hero who is also an assassin, and her name is Mathilda.

Moonton is really upping its game when it comes to inventing new heroes with dual roles. From the tanky fighter Hilda, to the mage-tank Alice, to the tank-marksman Layla (Choox lang malakas!), a support hero with assassin-like flexibility who goes by the name of Mathilda ‘The Sweet Plum‘ officially enters the Mobile Legends battlefield.

A little big threat

Don’t get fooled by how she looks. At first glance, Mathilda seems like an innocent, well-mannered, tribal lady with the cutest suit, but once in the battlefield she’ll run circles around you. Wondering how? Check out this gameplay by Hororo Chan.


Like most heroes, Mathilda has four skills. Her passive is called ‘Ancestral Guidance’ which speeds her up when fully charged and enhances her basic attack.

Power Of Ancestors,’ her first skill, is similar to Cyclop’s second. When activated, Mathilda will summon wisps that surround her and attack the target enemy after a short period of time. Each wisp that hits the target deals 300 / 320 / 340 / 360 / 380 / 400 magic damage.

Mathilda’s second skill is called ‘Wind Force.’ It enables the hero to leap to a designated area and create a circular field around her upon landing. Allies inside the field will be given a Wind Force skill, and when that ally uses the skill they will dash in the direction of Mathilda. This supportive blink skill is especially helpful to heroes with no dashing ability.

Finally, Mathilda’s ultimate skill is called ‘Lightness.’ She can use it to lock onto a certain target, dealing magic damage. After 3 seconds, she can use the skill again, sending her flying around the target for 3 seconds as her wisps strike the enemy within her circle. This skill will remind you of Chang’e’s ultimate, except it happens in a circular motion and there’s something really cool that happens in the end. Upon reaching the time limit, Mathilda will fly towards the locked target, knocking them back while dealing magic damage– a move popularized by Jawhead.

From the looks of it, Mathilda is gonna be the next bully in the arena. She looks pretty fun to play, too, and her skills animations are unique and visually stunning. To date, Montoon hasn’t announced a release date for her.

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What do you think of Mathilda ‘The Sweet Plum?’

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