Prior to the release, Popol and Kupa have been making noise among players on the advance servers.

Gamers were both excited and terrified to play and fight against this new hero. Popol and Kupa are the first two-in-one hero to be included in the pool of Mobile Legends heroes, and based on some gameplays, this duo is uniquely and insanely powerful.

And now they’re here!

Also referred to as the ‘Iceland Companions’, they can now be played and bought with diamonds and battlepoints. They’re under the marksman class and have push/burst specialty. With Popol being the main hero, Kupa, the wolf bestfriend, always fights alongside him. Together, they have four skills, and in all these skills, they work as one.

Bite ‘Em Kupa is the first skill, wherein Popol throws a spear at the target and stuns the receiving enemy and deals damage. Kupa Help! is a skill that allows the wold to shield Popol from the enemies. For the third skill, Popol’s Surprise, Popol sets a trap that immobilizes the receiving opponent. It can be set up three times anywhere on the map. 


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Have you tried playing Popol and Kupa?

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