Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has officially introduced its latest hero, Yu Zhong the Black Dragon.

We already heard a lot about him before; his unique skills– particularly his ability to transform into a massive dragon– had piqued the interest of players in the advance server. But then, not too many details about his back story have been revealed.

Image Credits: Montoon

A comic strip published by Mooton finally unveils the background of this new hero. Entitled ‘The Awakening of the Black Fierce Dragon Yu Zhong‘, it follows Yu Zhong as he travels to the Dragon Altar and becomes one with the Great Dragon, giving him godlike strength and the ability to turn into a massive Black Dragon.

“Nothing can stop me now.”

To the delight of fans, Moonton also released a cinematic trailer to create more hype for the newest hero’s arrival. It features Yu Zhong in action: we can see him transforming into the Black Dragon and effortlessly defeating heroes like Ling, Zilong, and surprisingly his own brother, Baxia.

“Wielding the power of both the Reverse Scale and the Primordial Spirit, Yu Zhong seems impossible to be defeated. How will the Oriental Fighters manage to stop him?”

In the story, Yu Zhong is hands-down a force to be reckoned with. Will he also be as powerful in the game? Let’s all find out as the Black Dragon becomes available on June 19.


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