Lucky players have been given the privilege to try out this new hero.

His name is Khaleed, and he’s called The Desert Soldier. He’s a fighter type with a specialty on crowd control and damage dealing. For a limited time, he’s currently available for a free trial on the advanced server.


His passive skill– called Sand Walk– allows him to accumulate Desert Power. Once fully accumulated, the Desert Power will enable Khaleed to slide on sand, much like Yi Sun Shin’s passive. Khaleed can also use it to dash towards an enemy with an enhanced attack.

His first skill, Desert Tornado, enables him to slash his sword around, after which he leaps towards his movement direction with the ability to cast the skill again for 5 times. 

Quicksand Guard, Khaleed’s second, is feared by a lot of players to be an OP skill. With it, the hero regains HP and desert power, and reduces damage taken. While using it, a quicksand also forms under Khaleed’s feet, slowing down enemies around him.

Khaleed’s ulti, Raging Sandstorm, is as scary as it sounds. The hero summons a massive sandstorm and rushes toward his targeted area while riding on it. Enemies on the storm’s path will take damage and get pushed to the direction of its destination. Once Khaleed arrives with the sandstorm, nearby enemies will receive high damage while being stunned.

Image Credits to Montoon


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