After releasing the first ever 2-in-1 hero, Popol and Kupa, and after giving us a glimpse of Luo Yi– the hero with the power of Doctor Strange, Montoon has been developing another character with a ridiculous (and unique) set of skills.

Chong, also known as The Black Dragon, has been the talk of the town among players on the advance server. He’s like Pharsa for the skill that allows them to morph, except his new form is bigger and scarier. Yeah, it’s BIG.

Chong The Black Dragon

Pitch: “In the Oriental world, full of life, the ancient and powerful Great Dragon shelters the whole continent so that his people can make a good living in this paradise of liberty.

In the starry night, a meteorite streaks across the sky, and the Great Dragon in the Dragons Altar.”

He’s a fighter with four skills. First is Cursed Touch that turns his cloak into a weapon. Second is Soul Grip which pulls the enemy while doing damage. The third skill is called Furious Drive that enables him to change towards enemies. For his ultimate skill called Black Dragon Form, Chong morphs into a massive black dragon that can fly around the map, pass through walls, and knock down enemies.

Not OP, yet?

If you would observe, Chong does not deal as much damage as newly released heroes typically do. That’s what many others have noticed, as well: it takes too long for him to kill an enemy which underestimates the intimidation factor when watching him cast skills. While the idea of going up against a massive dragon seems terrifying, if tiny little Nana can run circles around him then the poor bastard may immediately lose the gamers’ interest.

Still, though, it’s too early to tell. Chong is still under development, so we may expect to see skill reworks in the future.

What do you think about Mobile Legends’ new hero Chong?

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