Moonton has finally introduced Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s newest hero, an assassin named ‘Benedetta.’

Released on the 7th of November, you might have already encountered, if not owned, a badass female ranger who looks a lot like Rogue from Xmen, and with exceptional escape and chasing abilities. Named ‘Benedetta Shadow Ranger,’ she’s a high-mobility, burst-type assassin who’ll serve as the next threat to your favorite squishy heroes. As MLBB’s 100th hero, she was offered as a claimable freebie for players who logged in on November 7 to 8.

Benedetta’s Skills

Let’s start off with her passive skill called ‘Elapsed Daytime.’ By long pressing the basic attack button, Benedetta will enter the Swordout State that will be indicated by a sword right on top of the hero. The sword gets fully charged after a period of time, at which point players can release the button and Benedetta will dash in the direction she’s facing and use the Swordout Slash on a target.

Her first skill, ‘Phantom Slash,’ serves as her main damage source. Upon casting the skill, Beneddeta launches a shadow that will slash enemies in a fan-shaped area, dealing damage on the receiving target while also slowing them down. Afterward, Beneddeta will follow the shadow, slashing forward and damaging the receiving enemies (with extra damage on those previously hit by the shadow).

Benedetta’s second skill is called ‘An Eye for an Eye.’ It’s a defensive skill that grants Benedetta control and damage immunity for a short amount of time, then brings her slashing forward in her target location, dealing physical damage on an enemy. Interestingly, this skill also enables the hero to deflect an attack and return the damage to the attacking enemy.

Her ultimate is called ‘Alecto: Final Blow.’ Here, Benedetta launches forward, gaining invisibility and leaving on her trail a rectangular area that continuously slashes enemies on it for a period of time. It’s her skill that makes her a good team fight player, for can deal large amounts of damage on multiple enemies if used correctly.

As the only female assassin to release on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang this year, Benedetta is another force to be reckoned with with her insane dashing abilities. Check her out as she stars in Moonton’s Hero Spotlight.


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