It’s confirmed: the latest fighter hero in Mobile Legends was modeled after the professional boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, and he’s coming to the game real soon!

Players of the popular MOBA were quick to notice how Paquito, a newly arrived fighter in the advance server, resembles the world-renowned Filipino athlete. Speculations that the two are related were reinforced by the fact that on November 21 last year, Moonton officially announced Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao as a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ambassador.

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Meet Paquito, The Heavenly Fist


On the new episode of their YouTube segment called ‘Hero Spotlight,’ Mobile Legends officially introduced Paquito as the latest hero arriving at the Land of Dawn. As indicated by its title, ‘Hero Spotlight’ puts the highlight on a playable character and analyses its gameplay.

In the video, Paquito’s skills are presented. His first skill is called ‘Heavy Left Punch‘ a heavy-damage attack he can cast in a specified direction and deal high physical damage on the receiving target. His second, ‘Jab,’ is a dash skill that enables him to launch forward and throw a jab, dealing damage on an enemy or a group of enemies within the area of effect. It’s similar to Chou’s second skill, except Paquito uses his arm and hand, instead of legs and feet.

Paquito’s ultimate is called ‘Knockout Strike.’ This skill brings the hero in a forward dash, landing a powerful elbow attack on enemies and pushing them to the edge of his attack range. After this, he launches another blow onto his target, causing physical damage and a slowing effect while he darts backward. However, if Paquito is in his Champ Stance, a state where his skills are enhanced, he instead throws an uppercut attack that sends the target flying mid-air. Again, it looks a lot like Chou’s ulti, so users of the Bruce Lee-inspired fighter are definitely going to have a field day playing this new hero.

Overall, Paquito is a high-mobility hero, so if you’re that type of player who likes to flex your fast hands with different skill combos, this fighter is a must buy for you. The official trailer for Paquito is slated to release on January 13.

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