You have heard it right, the not-too-long wait will start right now as Sony revealed the next generation Play Station 5 controller and behold because it’s the best PS5 so far! 

Sony will shake up the typical Sony controller formula with its new features! Just moth, Sony announced the released date of it, and right now they have dropped the design concept video of it! The Corona Virus may have affected its launch plans but who knows that revealing it through online press made people get even more excited, right?

As we wait for the meantime, we can enjoy probably enjoy its unique concept design down below. Here’s the new one from Jermain Smit a.k.a Concept Creator who made a collaboration with Lets Go Digital for its video.

Cut To The Chase

As you can see, there will be USB ports for fast connectivity and too many compliment its design even if it somehow look like it’s understated. But it’s the best PS5 design concept they have seen so far. In the concept video, they also features the new DualShock 5 controller having its larger touchscreen display on the front and of course, a USB-C connectivity behind.

However, we may be stunned and get excited for the unveiled PS5 but let’s keep in mind that none of this is real. Just like last year, Sony gave us a glimpse of plenty devices details but it seemed like it turned out differently.

Photo by: Lets Go Digital

There are also news and rumors regarding the gorgeous upcoming PS5. The controller might have Heart rate, Sweat sensor, and Voice control. That sounds really amazing, right? So what are you waiting for? There’s still a lot of months to save money as they announced it that it will be released at the end of the holiday of this year! This could be the best gift for a gamer like you!

Are you excited for PS5 updates?

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